Jul 22

Boonie Bevins

Often described as having the voice of an angel, Boonie Bevins got her start at the young age of 5 years old, singing in the band 4 Wheel Drive and regularly performing at Guy and Tina’s Pickin Parlor in Bethera, SC. At the age of 13, she took first place at her first local talent show by an overwhelming majority.

Boonie has performed at Coastal Coffee Roasters and Cuppa Manna Café in Summerville, SC as well as being a guest singer with the local band The Lowhills. She also has performed as the featured vocalist for the Leonard School of Music Jazz Band and performed in the “Women on” Series at the Charleston Music Hall. Along with creating her own original songs, Boonie and her sister Lauren frequently perform together under the name Lavender & Honey locally, for private events, and weddings. She occasionally performs with her father, Kevin Bevins as well as her boyfriend, John Henry Braun.

Her natural talent for music is clear to any listener as she tackles every musical genre with grace and ease from classic jazz to modern day rock. Boonie’s voice is pure and strong, with flexibility and range to spare. When she’s not performing, she enjoys practicing yoga, bouldering, and spending time with her 8 siblings.